Technologies to reduce your food waste with brand information

Food waste is becoming a global issue and to deal with the growing amount of food waste, there have been technology emerging. Each with its own target market, from end-consumers to businesses, these technologies have proven that they are able to innovate well and leverage on growing technology infrastructure to come out with innovative solutions to deal with the food waste issues.

Food waste management can come in many ways – for the hoteliers who are running a restaurant, they can adjust their production according to the predicted demand. For the end-consumers, they can start by only ordering the amount they need and not over-order and throw the food away.

In this blog, we will share some innovative technologies and food waste tech that are in the market that have proven to help reduce the amount of food waste!

Hungry Harvest

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Credits: Hungry Harvest

Based in the United States, Hungry Harvest is one of the companies that does a direct-to-consumer approach of delivering food boxes of product that does not look “perfect: enough to their subscribers. 

By doing this, each of the delivery they make help to eliminate at least ten pounds of food from going to waste, along with the resources (e.g. land, water) that were invested to grow it. This initiative by Hungry Harvest will also help to eliminate the negative associations that people have with imperfect product – allowing people to better understand that just because the product doesn’t look as good, it does not mean that it is not safe for consumption or that it will not taste as good. 

Total Ctrl

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Credits: Total Ctrl

Total Ctrl allows retailers to have full control over their product inventory by providing automated expiration dates. This will allow retailers to increase their profitability and efficiency and at the same time, reduce their food waste.



Credits: Treatsure

Treatsure is an application that started in Singapore. By leveraging on the emergence of mobile phones and applications, it helps to reallocate excess food resources to people who will need them, thereby minimizing food wastage. 

Treatsure started their business by working with hoteliers. For their partner hoteliers, they will provide a treatsure box – where customers can use the box to pack in whatever food the hotel is providing at the buffet line. This ensures that the hoteliers will reduce their food waste and also reduce their sunk cost in producing the food as well.


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Credits: Lumitics

 Lumitics aims to help the F&B arms of businesses – ranging from hotels to airlines. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), their product, called Insight, will track the food wastage that are being thrown away.

Users can then access the dashboard and monitor their food wastage – gaining insights on which dish they are producing too much, thereby adjusting their production. 

The Leverage on Technology.

With improvements in technology, more and more innovative inventions have been emerging in the market. With extra care from the consumers, as well as leverage on the various available technologies, we can be sure that the food waste issue will only get better in time to come!


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