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Tech-for-good company Lumitics and Diversey partner to tackle Food Waste together

Lumitics X Diversey

Reducing CO2 footprint and food cost in kitchens across the globe   Diversey is a key partner for operations in kitchens across sectors. Acutely aware of the impact of food waste on both food cost and CO2 footprint, Diversey’s teams are committed to helping kitchens reduce their food waste. Given the challenge of this objective, […]

Lumitics partners with Green Eco Technologies in the fight against food waste.

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Lumitics is proud to partner with Australian business Green Eco Technologies, this collaboration brings together two progressive, leading edge and innovative companies to tackle the global food waste challenge of reducing the negative environmental impacts of food waste. This important partnership is key to delivering the required action needed globally now to conserve our resources, […]

Why everyone should care about reducing their food waste

Wasatage Of Food

Understanding food waste Food waste has become a global issue that the world is struggling to fight effectively. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly slowed down the entire service industry, the industry itself still contributes to the majority of the world’s food waste. Recently, more and more businesses, organisations and governments have emerged with waste […]

Stockpiling and Food Wastage

stockpiling groceries

Just last month in February 2020, after the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced the risk assessment of “Disease Outbreak Response System Condition” (DORSCON) alert level has moved from yellow to orange. This has sparked a nation-wide panic buying of essential goods – ranging from food to necessities like toilet paper. When you bulk buy goods […]

Tech For Good: Technologies to Reduce Your Food Waste

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Technologies to reduce your food waste with brand information Food waste is becoming a global issue and to deal with the growing amount of food waste, there have been technology emerging. Each with its own target market, from end-consumers to businesses, these technologies have proven that they are able to innovate well and leverage on […]